Project Mousturize

What good is nicely styled, but dry and breaking hair? Not a thing! That being the case, I’m making a conscious effort to focus less on styling my hair and more caring for my hair. Moisture is the key.

Before locs, before, before and after relaxer, I’ve always struggled with moisture. Not wanting to “oil my scalp”, as my mother likes to say. When considering how essential moisture is to the natural hair survival, you can see where I have a problem, right?

Herein lies my “project moisture” project. The goal–I bet you guessed it–is to achieve 100% daily moisturizing. Meaning, no matter how my hair is styled–twisted, braid out, twist out, or the plain ‘ole ponytail–I aim to use some moisturizing agent on my hair. Water. Beautiful Texture Butter Cream Moisturizer. Leave-in Conditioner.

So far no product has resolved my dry scalp issue but that could be from lack of consistency of use. Hopefully this challenge will get me on my way to moisture rich hair.

Current products of choice:



What products moisturize your hair best?