Easy Breezy Flat Twist Style–DIY

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to style one’s own hair. I honestly sometimes feel limitless in what I’m capable of. Though I thought I was going to rock my wig for the rest of the month, I should have known that was waaayyy too many days for my hair to look the same! It’s like since becoming natural my hair craves variety.

Here’s my ‘do for this week.


And what’s good about this style is that it’s a two for one. By the day after Thanksgiving I’ll have a perfect twistout in time for a party I’m going to.

Gotta love natural hair! Enjoy your journey.

Naturally Yours,


Big Chop Update

I did it! Unfortunately I can’t post the video of the process because, honestly, I kinda suck at video making and editing. But I’m no quitter so I’ll keep at it. The good news, however, is that I take pictures just fine :))

Here’s the hair I chopped off:


It was quite liberating. I felt good minus this stringy ends UNTIL it was time to style my hair for work the following Monday. I wore two strand twists pinned up and I hated it–hence no picture :(( I spent the day mourning those stringy ends because they were at least something to work with.

For a short time I was discouraged. Then I logged onto YouTube, as I often do, for a dose of natural hair inspiration. It wasn’t long before I found it.

When I got home I untwisted my hair, laid my head to rest for the night at peace with the possibilities that indeed existed for my shorter hair.

This is what I came up with:



I’m very pleased with this style. I was glad that the front of my hair was still long enough to do that little pompadour thing. During my cutting I got a little scissor happy and cut more than I’d intended in the front. But the hair still needed to go so it’s all good. And if it wasn’t quickly becoming hat-wearing weather I’d wear this style longer. After this week I’ll be going with a protective style of flat twist styles. But overall the cut was a good step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see what happens with my hair after this! Stay tuned!

Naturally Yours,


Mother’s Day Hair Crush

It’s Mothers Day! So I’m featuring my beautiful mom as my May hair crush! Not just because she’s mom but because she’s a true natural beauty.


My mom, like me, has been natural in the sense of being relaxer free, for most of her adult life. But unlike me, she’s not of the generation where she feels a need to identify herself as such.

Products used? Whatever the heck she wants! Believe me, she will NOT be going to any Trader Joes or Better Health stores for any costly all-natural hair products. She’s perfectly fine using plain ‘ole Jam gel when she slicks her hair back into a ponytail, which is her go-to style.

Every now and then she’ll switch it up and dazzle us with with a curly ‘do or press it out and showcase her lengthy salt and pepper hair.

No matter how age rocks her natural, it looks good on her, especially when it’s accessorized with her dazzling smile.

Love her to pieces as she’s the best mother and grandmother any child could ask for!



Top picture: Myself and my two children, Mom, my sister and my sister’s oldest son

Bottom picture: All of my mom’s grandchildren

A Time for Everything–Even Hair

There’s a time and a season for everything and that includes hair styles. For the last few months I’ve been rocking my straightened natural hair with the brief departure for some kinky twist extensions. I don’t know if it’s the lack of pizazz I felt after my recent visit to my hairdresser for a press & curl or if I’m just over it right now, but I’m ready for a different style.

Surprisingly, I’m leaning towards a bun, my least favorite protective style. Why don’t I like buns, you’re probably wondering? The answer: I’m not partial to hairstyles that require gel. Why? Because I don’t like restrictiveness. Once that bun is up there, the only way to get it down is wetting the hair.

Yet, I still want one. Guess I’m tired of my hair hanging, knowing that’s not good for my ends. Sooo, the next pic I post will be with my bun. Maybe.

Stay tuned… 😀

Burrrr…Where’s Your Hat Natural Girl?

Ooohwee! In these frigid temperatures, I hope my natural girls are keeping those heads covered. Damn a hair style! Lol!

Check out some stylish natural ‘dos accessorized with just as cute hats:




Stay warm girls!


Insulted by a Fellow Natural

The record breaking high temperatures in the city had subsided this week replaced by dreary rain. Still, I wasn’t in the mood for twists and curls. I wanted something to stay in place for the week, something that wouldn’t require much maintenance outside of tying my hair up for the night.

Does that make me lazy?

Yes, according to this one natural I encountered at the gas station on my way to work. Here was the scene:

“Hey girl. I like your hair.” I complimented her on fresh-looking twist out. Complimenting other naturals is something I make a point to do.

“Thank you,” she returned politely. “I like yours too. That’s how I wear my hair when I’m lazy.”

Hmmm. Okay. Thank you???

I’m sure she didn’t mean it as an insult but with the negative undertone of the word “lazy” I kinda took it that way. I wasn’t like boiling mad behind the comment–just a bit slighted. Like, if I’m not wearing my hair loose, then I’m being lazy? Hmph. I don’t know what she thought but it took some work to get my hair in that goddess twist!

I’m wondering if other naturals feel this way about updos. Is it lazy? What’s your take fellow naturals?