Natural Hair Must Have Style

Naturalista or not, every woman has to have a hairstyle they can pull out of a hat at a moments notice. In my straight hair days that is usually the ponytail. Not too long ago I thought that was going to be it for me too even rocking my natural but it’s not so. Instead, it’s one of the first styles I tried on my natural hair after coming out of my locs.


The benefit of this easy to produce style is that it’s quick, cute, and protective at the same time. It’s proved its worth to me on quite a few occasions–I usually wear this style to work. But, most recently, this past Saturday when I awoke approximately thirty minutes prior to a meeting that I needed to be at, I needed something quick to do with my hair so I wouldn’t be late. I’d showered and washed my hair the night before and went to bed with six large twists in my hair. With little time to spare, I took the twist down, rubbed some moisture butter on my hair and made it do what it do.

Look at the tutorial below for a demonstration.

What are some of your staple hairstyles?

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A New Year, A Clearer Natural Hair Direction

Disclaimer: This post was composed before my natural hair meltdown in the previous post. After reviewing the goals in this post, I feel renewed.

I’ve got a lot going on this year: new book coming out (prayerfully I stay on track), daughter graduating high school (Wow..Time flies!), centennial celebration of the BEST sorority (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY!)

If that’s not enough to be excited about, I’m also excited about my natural hair! This first six months of my natural hair journey has been interesting–to say the least–but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

With transitioning from locs to loose natural hair, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is to only “do” my hair when I have adequate time. Watch any natural hair “wash-n-go” video on YouTube and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Just about everything you do with natural hair takes some time, even when the YouTuber claims it’s something quick. BTW, that’s not a complaint–at least, not at this moment–it’s just a fact of life for my natural hair life.

My 2013 goals include:

1. Length retention–Naturally my aim is growth, but I have to, first, retain the length that I have.

2. Learn more–While I want to stay as far away from being a product junkie, I have to try different products to determine what produces the best results for my hair. For example, after months of suffering from flaky scalp, I realized that it was Herbal African’s Best Oil that was causing the flakes. It works great on skin BUT not my hair.

3. Straighten Less, Protect More: On my YouTube channel ( you’ll see what brought me to this point. Breakage! Yikes! Before this you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t taking care of my hair. Yet, something went awry. And I can’t have that!. I didn’t take ALL that time (2 or 3 wks, I can’t remember) combing my locs out to have my hair breaking from only God knows what! Therefore, this year, I plan to get back to more two strand twist styles. That worked wonders for my hair pre-locs so to them I shall return. I’m also going to put it out there now–I may even try a weave or braid extensions. Mainly because I want some color but don’t want to damage my hair. Scratch that, actually it’s because sometimes I don’t feel like doing my hair.

Failed by the Pineapple Method

Either it was the pineapple method or the flat twist out method that I used that failed me. After day two the style went downhill. Major frizz. See…




This is precisely the reason for my love/hate relationship with these curly do’s. They’re beautiful but THEY DON’T LAST! At least not long enough for me. So I’ll probably reserve these styles for church and other special occasions.

How long can you keep up your curly ‘do? Maybe it’s just me.


3 Ways I Styled My Straightened Natural Hair

If you don’t know by now, you’ll know soon enough that I can’t stand wearing my hair any particular way for too long. Doesn’t matter whether curly or straightened. Over a week ago, I straightened my hair and below are the different ways I styled it:




After watching a YouTube video by African Exports, I’m looking forward to trying Bantu knots on straightened hair. Maybe before the weeks out bad I have to wash my hair.

Do you like to change up your hair like me? Why or why not?

Project Mousturize

What good is nicely styled, but dry and breaking hair? Not a thing! That being the case, I’m making a conscious effort to focus less on styling my hair and more caring for my hair. Moisture is the key.

Before locs, before, before and after relaxer, I’ve always struggled with moisture. Not wanting to “oil my scalp”, as my mother likes to say. When considering how essential moisture is to the natural hair survival, you can see where I have a problem, right?

Herein lies my “project moisture” project. The goal–I bet you guessed it–is to achieve 100% daily moisturizing. Meaning, no matter how my hair is styled–twisted, braid out, twist out, or the plain ‘ole ponytail–I aim to use some moisturizing agent on my hair. Water. Beautiful Texture Butter Cream Moisturizer. Leave-in Conditioner.

So far no product has resolved my dry scalp issue but that could be from lack of consistency of use. Hopefully this challenge will get me on my way to moisture rich hair.

Current products of choice:



What products moisturize your hair best?