Natural Hair Styling Considerations

Sunday. My favorite day of the weekend. With my duties as a trustee at my church, the day can still be a bit busy but nothing like my Saturday’s that are inundated with cleaning I couldn’t get done during  the week, grocery shopping, meetings/events, and/or my son’s activities.This particular Sunday I stayed home from church, spending some quality time with my husband, lounging on the couch watching movies. But as the evening wound down,  I began to consider my hair. 

I wanted nothing more than to spritz it with some water, rub it down with a moisturizer, and then roll and tuck it into a quick style to get me ready for Monday morning. But I knew that wasn’t the way to go for me. Not only are my weekdays too busy to be messing around trying to fix my un-perfected roll and tucks while trying to have dinner for my family AT HOME and be prepared for the next morning so we can leave the house on time (that’s a job in and of itself), I have an all day sorority function this coming Saturday that I need my hair to be ready for.  

“You’re thinking about your hairstyle six whole days in advance?” You’re probably asking.

Absolutely. It’s the best way for me and most new or semi-new naturals to live a hair-frustrated free life. We [naturals] don’t have the luxury of waking up and flat ironing our hair then getting about our day. Let me tell you, there were many weekends when I was frustrated beyond measure having somewhere to go and not enough time to make my hair cute and rock it with confidence. I learned the hard way to plan ahead when I can. Even without set plans for the weekend ahead I usually try to create a low manipulation style for the work week that will easily transition into a style for being out and about.

This week I chose a combination of two strand twist and flat twist. 

The end result of this style will be, of course, a twist out with the flat twist remaining intact for a little added pizazz. I’m looking foward to it and I’m most enjoying the easy upkeep throughout the week.

What’s your go-to style to prepare for work and weekend?

Naturally Yours,


Insulted by a Fellow Natural

The record breaking high temperatures in the city had subsided this week replaced by dreary rain. Still, I wasn’t in the mood for twists and curls. I wanted something to stay in place for the week, something that wouldn’t require much maintenance outside of tying my hair up for the night.

Does that make me lazy?

Yes, according to this one natural I encountered at the gas station on my way to work. Here was the scene:

“Hey girl. I like your hair.” I complimented her on fresh-looking twist out. Complimenting other naturals is something I make a point to do.

“Thank you,” she returned politely. “I like yours too. That’s how I wear my hair when I’m lazy.”

Hmmm. Okay. Thank you???

I’m sure she didn’t mean it as an insult but with the negative undertone of the word “lazy” I kinda took it that way. I wasn’t like boiling mad behind the comment–just a bit slighted. Like, if I’m not wearing my hair loose, then I’m being lazy? Hmph. I don’t know what she thought but it took some work to get my hair in that goddess twist!

I’m wondering if other naturals feel this way about updos. Is it lazy? What’s your take fellow naturals?

Practice Makes Perfect–Goddess Twist

Midweek, it was time to tighten up twist for a couple of reasons:

1. I’m cant keep my hands out of my hair for nothing’ so it had become a little loose.

2. Needed to re-moisturize

Nevertheless, redoing the twist enabled me to give it a go of perfecting the style.

Here goes…




What are your thoughts? From the previous post to this one, is it getting better?

Next time I do this style I’m going to take my daughter’s suggestion and do a braid. Plus I’m going to start in the back. Stay tuned for that.