Day 5 Un-Loc’d

“OMG! You really didn’t have to cut your off.” That’s the most common reaction of family, friends, and coworkers who are noticing that my locs are gone. So far everyone had heard that it could be done but no one has actually witnessed it.

As for me and this thick mass of hair on my head, I’m at a loss of what to do with it, if I may be honest. Thus far I’ve pulled it into a ponytail and rocked the two French braids, which I liked a lot the first day but I have tired of now.


Full disclosure: this morning I felt a twinge remorse over the ease and convenience of my locs but I quickly reminded myself that every style I did with locs, I can do with my loose natural. It’s just a matter of patience, which I’m a little short on.

Although I’d planned for this stage, I had no idea that my hair would be so friggin thick! It’s been a hassle just getting a comb straight through it, let alone trying to style it.

But I’m no quitter. After all, loose natural hair is what I asked for. Now I’ve got it!

P.S. I temporarily forgot the cardinal rule for rocking loose natural hair: PRODUCTS! PRODUCTS! PRODUCTS! To which I have nothing. Must rectify this ASAP. I’ll check back in a couple days with my progress.

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