Books by L.A. Jefferson

Reconciliation to Hell

Sandra Anderson isn’t the only woman on the planet to let her cheating husband come back home. But she may be one of the few who did so after his last mistress, Felicia, conceived his child. Still, she thought the life of luxury that he afforded her and their two daughters was worth it. What she didn’t consider was the new role she’d play as step-mother and the ever-presence of the woman she knew still wanted her husband. At the first sight of dubious behavior by her husband, Sandra takes a walk on the wild side, making a few extramarital friends of her own. When someone begins blackmailing her with scandalous pictures of her and some of her friends, she quickly becomes the bigger threat to her marriage than her husband. Lester Anderson is a lucky man. His wife forgave him for the ultimate betrayal. Sandra is the rightful woman to have by his side as he begins pursuing his longtime political aspirations. But old habits die hard. So when a woman from his past glides through his office door scantily dressed, Lester finds himself falling back into old patterns. Can this couple survive their reconciliation to hell?A description of the project and the works presented.

Unfinished Business

Lydia Love is finally on the brink of a new love with Roy Collins when an old love, Thomas Cunningham rears his ugly head–again. Thomas isn’t just any ex. He’s the ex that Lydia can never resist, no matter how many times he’s deserted her, leaving her bruised and broken. After giving Roy the “let’s take a break” routine, Lydia sets about a plan to finally bring the unfinished between herself and Thomas to a final end. But like most ill-advised plans, things quickly begin to go awry and Lydia finds herself in and unplanned torrid affair with Thomas which endangers her relationships with her family, friends, her job, and nearly her life! In the end, Lydia must decide if a love that keeps going wrong is worth everything she risks losing.