1st Bantu Knots–March Madness

Of course I decided to do these Bantu knots on my hair after I set a goal to finish the current chapter of my book that I’m working on. However, in my defense I had already planned to do something “different” to my hair tonight anyway do I was simply trying to stick to the plan. Nothing wrong with that, right? Plus, I’ve still got a good hour to finish this chapter before I go to bed.

Finished knots in about an hours time. Not bad at all. I did twist 4 locs together before knotting them. Hopefully, I’ll still get a good curl out of them.

Here’s something I don’t do often–sit under a dryer. But I figure if I want a nice, tight curl for the morning and the rest of the week I’d better add some heat.

Check back tomorrow for finished product. Fingers crossed…

P.S. In celebration of March Madness I’m challenging myself to do a new style on my locs every Sunday. Let me know if you want to join in the fun through the comment section of this blog.

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