Attacking Natural Hair: That Ain’t Right

Last week I tuned into the Milded Gaddis Show on AM 1200 at its new evening time. I was expecting to get the latest scoop of political news so one can imagine my surprise when I hear my favorite subject being discussed–hair!

My excitement was short-lived when the so-called hair specialist started “going in” on natural hair! I was instantly on ten!

What did she say to get me so fired up? Here are a couple:

1. “Natural hair isn’t for everybody. See, that right there really aggravates me to no end. How can the hair that God gave you not be for you?

2. A caller asked about maintenance and styling options for her short natural, right. This woman suggested a mild texturizer. She claims this texturizer–only needed twice a year–would make the hair softer and more manageable. I promise, if I wasn’t driving I would have…I don’t even know what I would have done.

After she insulted the natural state of Black hair, it was clear what team she was on–the self hate team! As a woman who has worn just about every kind of hair style, I totally understand the convenience of chemicals, heat styling, hair extensions, and weaves BUT please don’t insinuate that I, as a Black woman, needs these things to manage my hair!

I don’t like to focus solely on the negative, so I will concede one point that I agreed with this woman on and that was the idea of “coming back to the salon.” Although I enjoy the ability to care for my hair at home, it is refreshing to sit in the chair for someone else to handle it. And the game changes when you take the time to learn what works for your hair and what doesn’t. Not to mention, supporting the local salon stimulates the local economy as well 😊

Unfortunately, that’s the only positive thing I can say about Ms. Natural Hair hater!

Have you encountered any natural hair haters lately? Please share.

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