YouTube Strikes Again-Loc Dilemma

Y’all until early this morning I was sure that I was ready to comb out my 4 yr old locs. So much so that I even wrote about in my journal. Thats serious! Not only that, I spent the weekend coming some out. Literally, I combed out 4 locs at the nape of my neck.

Two locs I combed out and retwisted

But you know what? I always mess up when I open my mouth to folks. My daughter and stepdaughter weren’t too bad. It was the significant other. The one who does have some influence on my decisions.

“You know you ain’t gonnna feel like having to ‘do’ your hair everyday.” He reminded me.

That was the first seed of doubt. What came next was You Tube. I started out looking for inspiration for styling my loose natural hair. Just so happen I came across a channel with this young lady who wasn’t doing much with her hair that I liked but she intrigued me, nonetheless to keep watching. She was going on and on about loving her natural hair. I watched a string of videos of her saying pretty much the same thing, recommending hair products, and encouraging other naturalistas. Finally I got to her first video of 2012 and guess what? She got Sisterlocks installed on December 26, 2011! Any guesses why?

Drum role please…

The ability to remain natural without all of the damn maintenance! She admitted that the process could be quite daunting.

In all honesty, With each loc that I tediously combed out, I kept asking myself if I was sure. Was I sure that I wanted to face daily styling obligations when I currently have a get up and go routine right now? Really?

Something else I thought about was the length of my locs. I do like being able to pull my hair into a ponytail, curl it, and still have length. I do. If I take my locs out, I will undoubtedly lose length and gain fullness, which I also like. However, I can have fullness by curling my locs. That’s called the best of both worlds.

Lastly, I checked out prettipoison27 You Tube channel and she struck a chord. Her locs are simply gorgeous. Her tutorials are easy to follow. Watching her videos reminded me of all that I haven’t done with my hair and most of all, if I do nothing else with it, my locs are still hot!

Please tell me I’m not alone with my wavering between loving my locs and sometimes just wanting them gone.

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