Free Friday–Who’s Education Is It Anyway?

One of my aunts did it for her son.

My daughter’s middle and high school best friend’s did it for her daughter and has continued during college.

And according to a friend I recently spoke to, she’d do the same for her son if necessary to help him get ahead in this competitive economy.


 Okay…I’ll stop building the suspense.  I’m talking about parents doing children’s school work–up to and including daily homework, projects, essays, research papers. If they could do the in-class work, they’d probably do that too!

I’m sorry–actually I’m not–but I’m not that parent. Just ask my daughter. I’ll help my children figure it out. And most importantly, I’ll point them in the direction of the resources they need to get a better understanding.

But to do the work for them? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I’m okay if my children aren’t A or B students as long as I know they are doing their best.  Even given the scenario of trying to help my child get into the college of his/her choice, I wouldn’t go so far as to write their essay. And I’m a writer! I love writing. But I’d not only be doing my child a disservice by doing their work for them, I’d also giving them permission, through my own actions, that it’s okay to be dishonest or deceptive for a good reason.

I prefer my children to be confident in their own abilities to succeed at whatever they put their minds to. They’ll be better for it at the end of the day.

What do you think?


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